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Documents required to make aliya...

... from within Israel

I am going to write this list because I didn't find it in any other place and it is impossible to get information from the Ministry of the Interior (משרד הפנים) before the first appointment. I had an apointment today and these are the things I needed to give them.
My case: I am from Hungary, I converted/made giyur in Israel in the rabanut and I am married to israeli citizen (civil marriage - he needs to change his status to married in the Ministry), I've been to Israel for 2 and a half year, my status is B2 (tourist). We also got married in the rabanut but it takes time to get the certificate about it.

  • Form "Application for the extension of permit of residence/change of visa category" filled (you can get it at the information)
  • Passport + copy
  • if you are married to israeli citizen (or at all?): his/her ID card + copy
  • marriage certificate (of civil marriage) with apostille (תעודת נישואים)+ copy and/or marriage certificate from the rabanut
  • birth certificate (תעודת לידה) with apostille + copy
  • certificate of good conduct (תעודת יושר) with apostille + copy (it's from the police)
  • Certificate of conversion (תעודת המרה ) and the paper from the bet din itself + copy
  • of course everything must be in hebrew or at least in english (or translated officially)
  • passport photo

Every single document you bring from abroad must be with apostille stamp. If anyone (doesn't matter who) tells you something else, don't believe! You can get it in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country.

(In case you aren't a convert, you ned to prove you are jewish which is possible in many ways and about this you can find information on the web, anyway Sochnut and Nefesh b'Nefesh can help you.)

in case you converted abroad:
  • the conversion must be accepted by Israel
  • you need to prove that you spent a year abroad (not in Israel) after you conversion, you've been member of a jewish comunity (with a letter from your rav )

If you have all the documents they asked for, it takes about a month to get the citizenship - at least this is what they told us today. I think it takes minimum one month and it can turn to months easily... Meanwhile you can't get any temporary number, there is no special status for this period of waiting, take this into account.

If you are also married to israeli and you have changed your status already (you have a temporary resident card or ID card or whatever), you need only the Teudat Hamara I think and they change your status.

My English is not the best but I hope my list is helpful. I wrote with italic about cases I don't know from personal experience.

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